Diagnostic Studies

As part of or in addition to the Initial Integrative Physician consult, the following is a comprehensive list of tests that the Integrative Physician would need, to evaluate, and recommend the optimal and individualized, health plan for you.

A. Dexa scan for bone density measurement to detect bone loss and osteoporosis and body composition analysis important data in nutritional programs for healthy weight loss.

B. Advanced Nutritional testing including metabolism, vitamin and anti-oxidant levels, hormones, lipids, inflammation markers and appropriate genetic testing to personalize your program and streamline towards your goal and disease prevention. Both our Nutritionist and Integrative Medicine Physician Specialist review and make joint recommendations to optimize your health based on these findings and any other tests below to create The Oasis Health Hologram, your personalized multidimensional health assessment.

C. Food Sensitivity and Allergy testing using various combined methods in order to identify allergens in diet or environment that can impact weight loss, metabolism, allergies and other secondary symptoms. (This is additional testing at the Patients Request)

D. The Oligoscan is a painless, noninvasive test done in our clinic yielding immediateresults , testing for mineral deficiency, qualitative heavy metal screening and oxidative stress. The latter creates cellular, DNA, endo vascular lining cell and genetic damage if left unchecked, hence the importance of detection and early intervention with the appropriate personalized anti-social program.

E. Advanced Heavy Metal Testing through elite established clinical labs specializing only inmetal testing to rule out Mercury, lead, arsenic antimony, and other metal contaminant a which can affect your health adversely. An individualized plan for detoxification and advanced gentle effective Chelation is identified and implemented with physician oversight. (This is additional testing at the Patients Request)

F. Cardiac Testing:

Resting EKG for Baseline cardiac electrical function.

ENDOPAT, or advanced endothelial function testing. This is a state of the art test once again, found in very few medical practices. The methodology is of the highest caliber and is soon to be employed in university medical centers for detection of early vascular cell lining dysfunction called” endothelial dysfunction”. The test is painless, simple, and takes approximately 30 minutes to perform utilizing special probes on your finger and blood pressure cuffs. You should not eat the morning of the test and do not consume caffeine. Endothelial dysfunction is critical to detect because it leads to damage of blood vessels. This test allows us to measure the malfunction of the blood vessel lining cells which can continue to progress on to atherosclerosis and blockages later in life. This malfunction can be treated by early detection in hypertension, diabetes and hypercholesterolemia with a proper program. Detection is the first, step so don’t delay!

Cardiac Echo and Stress Testing as appropriate or indicated. (Additional testing at the

If you have already had these tests done, we will request the results or encourage you to bring them for your evaluation.

G. MVO2 Oxygen Consumption and cardiac Output testing for advanced exercise capability testing. This gives a metric of your aerobic and anaerobic state of being, and quantifies exercise and training goals. (This is an optional test available but an ala carte item to initial consultation battery of testing )

H. Functional Medicine Testing including gut health, gut immunology, SPECTRA Cell for intracellular vitamin and minerals evaluation, Nutri-EVAL through Genova Diagnostics and affiliated labs are employed. Interpretation but our Integrative Medicine Specialist physician and coordinated with our Nutritionist yields a multidisciplinary functional approach evaluation dysbiosis, mal-absorption, gut immunology, deficiencies, and corrective strategic therapeutic treatment plans to detoxify, correct and optimize gut and health function for chronic disease prevention .

I. Advanced Hormone Evaluation. Our Integrative Medicine approach also includes extensive hormone testing for both men and women. The goal here is to identify deficiencies that are currently creating symptoms and n problems for an individual as well as to prevent future chronic diseases including osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s dementia, and reduce cardiovascular risk through a balanced bio- identical hormone program personally created for you by our Integrative Medicine Specialist, highly trained and experienced in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy- BHRT. ( see CV/ Bio Dr Munoz)

J. Advanced Brain Testing- Using the Evoke Cognitive Function Testing. This test is a functional EGG test along with autonomic cardiovascular measurements that is painless, noninvasive and takes about 45-60min in our office. Advanced information about memory, sleep, chronic pain effects, cognition, higher execute function are tested and an advanced report generated but a PhD Neuropsychologist is generated. This data is interfaced with your concerns and or symptoms related to your neurologic, brain or memory health. Coordination of all of the above hirmobe, metabolic, vitamin, nutritional and inflammation markers are coordinated with this advanced brain function testing protocol to initiate a personalized brain health treatment and prevention plan. Sometimes advanced brain imaging is ordered by our physician if indicated along with Neurologic Consultation when appropriate. Brain therapy, biofeedback, balance and coordination, supplements and a fully integrative approach to cognitive, memory, concussion or CBHT are employed including functional MRI.

Practitioner’s in this Field: Dr. George Muñoz M.D., Muriel Guigui P.A.-C