Dahlia Michels – L.C.S.W.

Licensed Clinical Therapist and Master Practitioner of Clinical Hypnosis; incorporates numerous modalities into her practice allowing her to achieve the greatest results<!–more–> for each client. With a passion for healing individuals, she uses clinical hypnosis to facilitate transformation that affects emotions, beliefs, and behaviors. Her work is rapid and highly effective, as clients see life lasting results within one to four sessions. Dahlia is able to heal unconscious conflicts that are blocking desires to change. She heals the mind which resolves issues and painful emotions which are replaced with positive feelings and actions. Blocked energy is released and healing takes place.
As a practitioner of clinical hypnosis Dahlia uses it to rid her clients of trauma, P.T.S.D., anxiety, stress, depression, heart break, social anxiety, physical pain, sleeping disorders, weight management, and much more. Her philosophy is that she is responsible for healing her clients with life lasting success, and approaches this with the utmost depth, compassion, and empathy.
She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, at Columbia University’s Teacher’s College. While completing her Masters in Clinical Social Work at Fordham University, Dahlia performed fieldwork at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Research for Obesity Center.
Mrs. Michels maintains her private practice in Ft Lauderdale. She also works with and is a master practitioner of the esteemed Dr. Jon Connelly at Palm Partners, an inpatient drug/alcohol abuse and dependence facility in Delray Beach, Florida. She also has a broad range of experience working in detoxification centers dealing with emotional and physical pain, extreme traumas, drugs &amp; alcohol abuse and dependence, and other forms of addiction.
Dahlia Michels is certified personal trainer, and certified by the Red Cross in CPR/AED. She is an avid athlete and a tri-athlete.